Welcome to our beautifully designed speciality vodka bar in Manchester

Where we have 2FOR1 cocktails 5-7pm weekdays and bar entertainment with vodka cocktails and flaming shots Friday and Saturday nights with the amazing Sergiu.

If you are looking for cocktail bars in Manchester, make sure to visit us for traditional Russian vodkas and cocktails in Manchester.

We serve the best Russian vodka brands and vodka from around the Baltics including: stolichnaya vodka, debowa vodka, sobieska vodka and a range of cocktails with vodka. It’s a must to have vodka with every course when you dine with us, but of course!


And we have MACHINE GUN vodka for parties and special occasions!

We invite our guests to try one of our gorgeous apperitifs and after dinner flavoured liquors such as, cranberry and plum vodkas.

We also serve a beautiful range of Lithuanian and Baltic sparking wines and standard champagnes behind the bar.

And not to mention our wide range of Baltic and Polish beers including Utenos, Kynep, Svyturys, Cesu and Bauska among more.


Baltic Cellar cocktails are unique takes on some old classics as well as traditional Baltic, Russian and Polish cocktails. We highly recommend trying them and take advantage of our 2FOR1 happy hours weekdays. We know how to serve the best cocktails in Manchester.

A night at Baltic Cellar Grill and Bar is one to remember and perfect for birthday parties and special occasions.

We are the best speciality russian vodka and cocktail bar in Manchester!